Hello Everyone,

As you know we are moving to Arizona in July and we couldn't be more excited!  So much happening all at one time, lots of purging around our house.  You know getting rid of things that we have had for a bazillion years, as well as detaching ourselves from things that we may or may not hold dear.   

The upside is that when we get to AZ we can get some super new furniture.  Some of ours is as old as the hills now.... Time to go.  Purging your house is so hard in so many ways, emotionally and physically are the top two.

Anyway, while I was on my book tour in AZ last week I did get to see my house going up!! And of course took lots of pics.  Here are a few... 

On day 1 I arrived to see the foundation was ready and they had lumber there to frame!!  So excited, hoping that they would frame while I was there.

The second day we had some outer walls.  Wow!! 

On the third day, we had more walls.  When we went by the first time this day, there was a crew of nine men working.  I was amazed at how many were there.  They work face too!

The next day, we had lots more interior walls.  I must say that this was so cool for me to see and I wanted to just set up a tent and sleep there.  Then they could work around me while my house goes up.

I could enjoy the view from my backyard.  Very different from where I live now.  Desert flora and colors.  Big mountain views that we will definitely be hiking.  I can't wait!  And oh then there is this... 

The beautiful desert sunsets!  Can you believe the colors??  I love those colors and totally see a quilt in there somewhere.

On the last day, I went to the house with the parentals...  and walked around.  More interior walls were up and I enjoyed walking from room to room.  It seems like it is so real now!

Yesterday, my Mom and Dad went to the house and took this picture.  YAY!!! The roof is going on... can you believe it?  They are working so fast.  I am just so amazed.  

I really didn't want to leave, except for the fact that I missed my hubby and the kitties.  

So for now I am home, but in a few months this will be my home and I am beyond excited!!

As for the purging, we are still doing it daily.  If you would like to help, you can... all fabric in the shop is 40% off... just click here for the fabric.  All kits are 40% off too... just click here for the kits.

Has anyone out there, made this kind of BIG move before... We would love any good advice that you might have!  Thanks!

Until Next Time...

Jackie Kunkel
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