Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the tutorial for the Glorious Autumn Block party.  Michele at the Quilting Gallery asked me to design a block for this fabulous party and all I could think about was candy corns!! So that is the block I designed.  

Here are a few details that you need to know before we get started.  Head over to the Quilting Gallery, you will find a designer profile of little old me and some answers to some questions that you might find interesting to know about me!!  You will also find a quilter's Super Deal today.  Then this week there will be two more blocks from Vicki at The Quilting Lodge and Jovita's Patchwork Atelier.

And then don't forget to go to the Flickr group and see ALL the blocks from participants and designers.  Don't forget to post your candy corn block too!!  Oh yea... there is a GIVEAWAY at the end of this tutorial too.

You can print a PDF of this tutorial by clicking on the link just below this post, it is a green button that says "Print PDF".  Now let's get started!

Here is what you will need:

(6) ~ 1.5 X 12.5 inch strips.  I choose  two oranges, two yellows, and two creams.  They gently gradate from dark to lighter.

Then sew the top three together and the bottom three together.  Then sew the two sets together to form your candy corn strip set.

There are two ways to cut your candy corn.  If you have a 60 degree triangle ruler you can simply use this to cut your candy corn.

If not you can take a regular ruler and place the 60 degree line at the top edge of the cream.

and the edge of the ruler should intersect exactly with the corner of the bottom orange strip.

Now make your first cut on the left with your 60 degree ruler.

or with your regular ruler.

Then make your second cut on the right with your 60 degree ruler.

If you are using the regular ruler, reverse the ruler to the other side and then line up the 60 degree line with the cream strip.

and have the edge of the ruler intersecting the edge of the bottom orange strip.

Make your second cut.

Now you have your candy corn.  You can make one more from this strip set, but it will be a "reverse" candy corn.

Here is what you have.  Now for the background fabric.

You will need a fat quarter.

From the fat quarter:

Cut (2) ~ 3.5 X 13 5/8 inch strips
Cut (1) ~ 13 5/8 X 13 5/8 inch square

Lay your candy corn on the square and then..

Measure 2 7/8 inches in from each edge of the square, above shows the right side.

This shows the left side.

Now you will take your regular ruler and place the 60 degree line on the bottom edge of the gray square and 2 7/8 from the left edge.

Here is a closer look.

Or if you have the 60 triangle ruler you may use it by placing it exactly 2 7/8 inches in from both edges of the square, as shown above.

You will make your first cut with either ruler and it will go 6.5 inches up to the top of where the candy corn will be.

Here is a better photo.

Now make your second cut on the right.

Here it is with the regular ruler.

Once those cuts have been made you will measure 6.5 inches up from the bottom edge of the square and cut across the top edge of the ruler.

Do the same to the right side.

Here are the pieces that you will have.  You can discard the triangle.

Take the left side and lay it over the candy corn as such.  Leaving the corner of the left edge of the candy corn slightly exposed, about 1/4 inch.

Here is a close up.  Sew the background fabric to the candy corn and press towards the background.

Now take the right side and repeat.

Laying it on the candy corn with the bottom edge exposed about 1/4 inch.

Here is the close up.  Sew the right side of the background to the candy corn and press to background.

Here is what you have now.  This is where you will add the two 3.5 X 13 5/8 inch strips to the top and the bottom.  Sew them on...

Here is what you will have, press towards the background away from the candy corn.

Trim the edges down to 12.5 inches square.

Now you have a Candy Corn block, but don't stop there....

Layer it and quilt with a really pretty variegated thread.

Here is the backing fabric I used on mine.

Here is the quilting.  Now bind and then get creative!

I made two and then filled these jars with candy corns and pumpkins,  some candy corn hand sanitizer, and little pumpkin witch photo holders (found at Pier 1 imports) 

Wrap them up and then send them to your daughter and her roommate at college!  They loved them!!

Or you can make an entire candy corn quilt!! How fun would that be?  Or you can make little trick or treat bags from the blocks for the little ones in your life!  They would love it!! 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I would love to see your blocks!  

Would you like to win these??? I am giving away 10 fat quarters of Gypsy Bandana fabric that I have leftover in the shop and would love for one of you to have them!!  

Here is what you need to do:

1) Leave a comment and tell me what you think about the candy corn block and what you plan to make with it. (one entry)
2)  Sign up for my e-newsletter, click here, then leave a comment letting me know you have signed up.(second entry)

That is it!! The giveaway will remain open for a week.  Good luck!!

**** Thank you to all who entered the giveaway and have enjoyed the tutorial! The giveaway is now closed and I will be announcing the winner soon. *****

Until Next Time...
Jackie Kunkel
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