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It has been a week since my Craftsy class has launched and I thought you might all like a look "behind" the scenes.  Becoming a Craftsy instructor has been such a fabulous experience for me as a quilter, and many of you may wonder what and how the tapings happen.  I would love to share that all with you!

This is me "on the set" at Craftsy.  Craftsy, for those of you who are not familiar, is an online source for all types of crafting classes.  From Quilting to Crochet, to Scrapbooking and Photography, and Cooking and Baking and SO much more!!! Once you have purchased a class it is yours for life.  The classes come complete and you can ask the instructors anything at any time and YES, we respond!

When I arrived in Denver at the studio this is what I found on my "dressing room" door.  They really treated me so well.  All the people that work there were so friendly and I truly enjoyed working with every single one of them.  They made ME look good and yet they were the ones making it all happen... They are experts at what they do.  When I was nervous, they calmed my nerves and made me comfortable, laughing along the way!

Here is a look at my crew!  That is Tim up on the ladder with Camera B.  That camera caught all the over the left shoulder shots.  For instance, when I was sewing at the machine, that was Tim filming.  Nick is there at the desk and he is controlling Camera A which is straight in front of me.  He is also doing editing along the way and making sure all the right things are caught in every single camera shot.  That is Chelsea, my producer, off to the right.  She made sure that I didn't miss any points that I wanted to cover and if I did we would do a re-take.  Fortunately, we didn't have too many re-takes!  ?

This was on the door to our studio!  They really did make you feel very welcome and at ease.

This was a little bizarre.  They put me up at a very cool hotel (boutique type) and this was right above my headboard.  All I kept thinking was that I was so glad it wasn't across the room.  If it was I would have been looking at it while in bed and possibly been scared out of my mind waking up at night... LOL!

This was the "marker".  They used this to mark important parts in the taping.  They used it at the beginning  and if we had to stop and re-take.  You can see that they had fun... see what was written in the "shot" section of the marker.  LOL!  There was absolutely no drinking on the job... don't worry! 

They are also allowed to bring their dogs to work and this one was in an office off the hallway.  He was behind glass with his owner.  But every time I walked by this was the facial expression I received... just precious.

Meet Chelsea, my wonderful producer!  She literally had my hand from when we Face Timed prior to me flying there, through the shoot, and then after.  She is a pro through and through and I really enjoyed working with her.

This is Nick... Always with a smile and oh so helpful!  He was a consummate professional and also looked after my every move... literally... on the screen you see in front of him.  Making sure everything was just so!  He did it effortlessly!

Meet Tim, he was a great cameraman and photographer!  He made us all laugh.  Every time he had to "mark" he would do impressions, change his voice, and just be plain funny.  He also was in charge of putting the microphones on me every day!  He did a great job, they were so hidden... go ahead and try to find them when you watch the video... you won't!

Chelsea and Tim strategizing on a photo shoot.  They look like they are in deep deep thought.

We had a terrific 3 days and these wonderful people make it all happen!  Top notch and professional all the way!

Oh and another perk was that while I was filming there were three other people filming as well.  Meet Beth Whiteside... She and I became friends over the three days and dined together everyday.   She filmed a class for knitting!!   You can find her class on Craftsy too!

On the last night, Beth and I had to go to the restaurant right across from our hotel.  My hubby and I are big Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives fans.  So this was a treat!  

I hope you have enjoyed my little "Behind the Scenes" look at Craftsy!!  If you would like to take my class just click here.  

I hope to see you in the virtual classroom!

Until Next Time... 

Jackie Kunkel
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