Hello Everyone,

So the saga continues. My friend Karen and I have worked diligently all day on this quilt and really like what this will become. We are still happy at this point.

I have all my bands cut up into their segments. Just love them in the 30s fabrics!!

Karen's bands are all cut into their segments in her Civil War Repros. Also, gorgeous!

Ahhhh... The first diamond is born and the points all are matchy, matchy. A big hooray from me!!
This is where Karen's started to go awry. Her's were not matching at all and we were both perplexed. We followed the directions. Double checked the seam allowances. Double checked the cutting and the angle. Hmmm... what is wrong?? Karen decides to set this aside and start to join the strips together all over again. Basically from square one.

I persevered. Voila! Love the way this looks. But the worst is yet to come. The instructions unfortunately are not well written and as we begin to find out measurements are off. The squares that we will be setting in don't appear to be the correct size and the large diamonds aren't matching up.

So it is at this point we pack it up and call it a day. Later that night I tried to set in the squares with the measurements given. Not going well. I will have to upload a picture of this. Karen decides to send an e-mail off to Quilter's Newsletter and make a phone call on Monday morning. The response did not offer any positive information.

So Karen is now the one pressing on (so to speak) as I have not been able to get back to it just yet. She goes over every little step with a fine tooth comb. Very meticulously, measuring and sewing.

She now has a diamond!! This appears to be correct with all the correct measurements. The question is will the set in squares work?

They do for her on this quarter block... Yay! But there is a picture that I couldn't upload that shows them not working. Argh!!! We really, really like this quilt and this block and we will continue to persevere, I promise.

Several things to keep in mind. These are really small diamonds. The strips sets that we started with are only 1.25 inches wide, unfinished. The completed quarter block is only 7 inches. So these are smaller for sure and there is definitely less room for error.

Stay tuned! My next post will hopefully show you a correctly completed block. Please send good vibes our way! Thanks! Oh and by the way, thank you all for your wonderful comments and helpful suggestions. Very much appreciated!!

Until Next Time...
Jackie Kunkel
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