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So here is the story... I have two types of radar, one is for fabric, the other is for sweets. As Karen and I were walking to Victoria's home in NYC, my sweets radar went off BIG time.

I spied this little shop that was not really in plain site. But I saw the window sign saying Crumbs Bake Shop. So, naturally, I veered off course and told Karen we had to go in. All I can say is WOW!! What a treat. Thelma, this post is for you and it is a definite thumbs up! Here is the virtual calorie tour.

One of the yummy displays of their sweet confections. Beautiful and mouth watering.

Victoria's Daughter received one of these lovely cupcakes with the purple flower on top.

Another yummy display.

So this is the biggest cupcake they make, the Colossal. And Colossal in every way, price, size and calorie count!

This photo I took for size comparison to their medium cupcake. Big isn't it?

Cupcakes weren't the only thing on the menu, they had brownies my personal favorite. So I had to have one. I debated a little bit between the fudge brownie on the right or the cookies and cream brownie right next to it. Guess which one I picked?? Yep, the cookies and cream. And with all the walking I did that day, I did not feel one iota of guilt, not one!!

This one we picked up to bring to Victoria. Turn your head away Victoria, don't look at the calorie count. I have to say, having that calorie count front and center is a real killjoy. I think that all eating establishments in NYC are required to have them upfront and personal. Dampens the mood a little.

Took one of these babies home for the teenage son.

These were just too pretty not to take a photo.

Here is the personal four pack my family ended up with... from top left is the Squiggle (that was mine and oh so divine!!) cream filling inside. Next to that was an apple cinnamon for the hubs. It was filled with real apple filling, just like an apple pie. Next was the cookie dough for teenage daughter.... all gone. And the cookies and cream also finished!!

A piece of advice if you want these, definitely cut them in half or quarters so you can enjoy them slowly with a nice cup of tea or coffee. And don't worry about what your thighs might look like afterwards, just enjoy!

By the way, they deliver! Just click here to go to their website.

Stay tuned for Part 3, NYC the ending. In the meantime, be sure to browse my shop, lots of new items arriving daily.

Until Next Time...

Jackie Kunkel
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