Hello Everyone,

Yes, you read that right! However, I never really made it on the ATV. Here is the story...

My son really wanted to go on an ATV tour of AZ. He has an ATV at home (I have never been on it). He googled tours and came up with a place, Arizona ATV Adventure Tours, that is in Florence (right near the maximum security prison).

The tour operators were very reputable, trained, certified and very safety conscious. So I said, "What the heck, this will be a piece of cake!"

We arrived promptly at 7:45 am and got all suited up with our safety gear. Note that the bandana and goggles are to protect you from all the dust that kicks up when you are riding in the desert. I chose the red ATV, had to have color. You know my love of color doesn't just end with quilts.

Don't I look just smashing? Wait, don't answer that...

They proceeded to go through the entire safety part of the tour with all of us and how to operate the ATV. I was getting nervous at this point. After hearing some of the things on the checklist. Then we hopped onto the ATV and were instructed to ... Start your engines!! I did and felt sick to my stomach. Keep in mind that we were going to be riding for 40 miles!

This is when I graciously copped out. Yes, graciously.

My son exclaimed in his loudest voice possible... "You have got to be kidding!" Nope not kidding. They assured me that my son would have a great time, and off they went. I felt horribly guilty.

Here are some beautiful photos, courtesy of my son.

Some beautiful mountains and lots of cactus.

My wonderful son, looking a little dusty, but having fun.

More beautiful vistas.

Some canyon views.

They had a great time. When they returned, my son said that I would have hated it!! (Got over the guilt) There were steep inclines and declines, and really rough terrain. One girl took out 4 cactus and then had to ride with the trainer. I think I made the right decision.

What did I do for the 3.5 hours they were gone? I hung out with two wonderful mothers, did a walking tour of Florence, got some fudge, and tea. But really no photos as my son had the camera. I had only my iPhone. Although, there is one that I posted on Facebook of a sign in town. You have to see this photo. Just click here to take a peek.

That was my day, it turned out well and we had fun...

Until Next Time...
Jackie Kunkel
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