Hello Everyone,

Remember when I opened my new studio, I had mentioned that I would be putting design walls up to cover the length of both walls in the room?? Well we finally got to do it yesterday.  My hubby had the day off from work and we went to town!!

But he was totally awesome, because on Sunday while I was teaching in NY, he went to Lowes to get the foam insulation boards so that I could wrap the fleece around them.  Let me tell you he did not have an easy time and needed to get 19 of them!!!

Anyway you can see one here wrapped in the fleece.  Unfortunately he got the kind that had the foil on both sides... which also had writing. Guess what happens then??? You can see it through the fleece.  

Oh well, people are going to have their quilts, blocks, and fabrics on top of them anyway.  Plus you can pin into these too!

Here is the studio when we were first getting down to business.  Notice it was still daylight outside and we really don't have much done yet.

Lots of boards waiting to be covered and we were waiting for my son to arrive with more tools that we needed.

Son arrived and we had a dilemma... how we were attaching the boards to the wall wasn't working out so well.  After many tries, my son had some genius ideas.  Two trips out, one to the hardware store and one to Lowes, he came back with exactly what we needed!  

Thanks to my son we managed to really get going on getting the walls up.

Hubby was very happy about this as he and I were both getting frustrated and thought we would never get them up.  Notice it is no longer day light outside.

Ahhhh... sweet progress!  A quick dinner from Mickey D's and a break for my son for some homework, then we really kicked it into high gear.

Team work was the key and we all worked well together and finally got a rhythm going.

Ahhhhh... all the design walls are up and waiting for quilts and projects to be hung by students.  

And look at TEAM CVQW... are they happy or what??? 

More so, I am happy and very grateful to have two wonderful guys in my life to help me make this possible.  Thanks to both of you, you are awesome and I love you!

The left wall is completely lined with design boards and...

so is the right wall!  I LOVE it!!

Yes, we got home late and the cats were hungry, but they forgave us and were fed immediately.  

Until Next Time...
Jackie Kunkel
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