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Prancing Peacock

Judy Niemeyer Quilting

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Prancing Peacock, part of the Courtyard Fountain Mixer series, was designed by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer. It includes the sections referred to as Groups A, B, and C, and these group sizes have been standardized so that they are compatible with other interchangeable blocks if you ever want to make a quilt that is the same size.

If you want to experiment and mix and match the pieces included here with those from other designs, Quiltster is the perfect tool for you to make a quilt completely your own. Likewise, you can use many of the groups in this pattern with other layouts as well. At the time of publication, the Group A blocks also fit the Meadow Star Mixer layouts. The Group B blocks are exclusive to the Courtyard Fountain Mixer layouts (and can be used as part of quilts that are three different sizes). The Group C blocks can be used in the Cattail Mixers, the Solstice Queen Mixer, and the upcoming Stella Maris Mixers. Explore each of these layouts to learn new ways to incorporate these blocks into future projects.

Size: 68″ x 68″
Price: $50.50
Pattern Includes: Instructions, Cover Sheet, Yardage Information, Foundation Papers

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