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Craftsy: The Free Motion Effect: Designing Custom Quilting

Craftsy: The Free Motion Effect: Designing Custom Quilting

by Craftsy

Discover Leah Day's quilting strategies as you learn how to select the right design for a range of projects, from intricately pieced quilt tops to ones with appliqué, and everything in between. Begin with a variety of dynamic free-motion designs, and find out how to control the speed and direction of your stitching. Next, discover two all-over spiral variations that don't require stitching in the ditch and can be used to cover an entire quilt. Practice a striking ray motif to accentuate patchwork designs, and follow along with Leah to emphasize pieced projects with paisley, pebbling and filler motifs. Then, delve into versatile designs that will add texture and dimension to quilt borders, before exploring a variety of ways to quilt around and on top of appliqué. You'll finish class with the confidence to choose the right designs for any project, and the skills to bring them beautifully to life!

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