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Cactus Rose 2013 Pattern

Judy Niemeyer Quilting

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The Cactus Rose, 2013 was designed by Brad and Judy Niemeyer as a redesign of the original Cactus Rose pattern published in 2006.  The updated pattern includes Template Layout Sheets to help keep the project better organized and speed up the cutting process.  It also included some minor re-drafting of a couple of the units to allow for floating points.  The color layout for the quilt on the coversheet is based on the use of the Hoffman Fabrics of California 1895 Collection.  Using rich batik solids that are available all the time makes this classic one that any person can quickly recreate as desired.

The colorway for the quilt was selected by Cristyn Merry, who also made and quilted the quilt on the coversheet!  Thank you Cristyn, for a wonderful take on a Quiltworx Classic!

A Queen Size Expansion Pack will be available soon, allowing you to increase the size of the quilt as desired.

Cost of the Pattern: $48.00 and includes:

(1) coversheet

(19) pages of Newsprint and Template Layout Sheets

(16) page instructional booklet

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